What Young Children Can Learn From A Toddler Activity Book

17 March 2020
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Toddler activity books are designed to be a lot of fun for children to use, but these books also serve important educational functions. Here are some of the things that young children can learn from a toddler activity book.

Grow a Love for Books

Merely having a book that's fun for toddlers to use has long-term benefits, as it helps them develop a love for books. 

Regardless of any cognitive or other benefits that a book has, building an appreciation for books in general is the best thing that any book can do for a young child. Once a child loves books, they'll pursue a life that's full of self-directed reading and life-long learning.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Toddler activity books often have pages to draw or write on, and some even have more involved activities such as tying strings together or moving pieces along a track. These types of activities help young children develop and refine their fine motor skills, and even if a child doesn't master the skills immediately they can still get practice by trying to do something on a page.

Introduce Numbers and Letters

While almost all books contain numbers, letters, or both, toddler activity books offer especially effective ways to introduce numbers and letters to young children. 

Instead of looking at a page that has many words on it, children see a page that has just a few large numbers or letters when they turn to the appropriate page in a toddler activity book. Simply isolating the numbers and letters away from other characters helps children learn their 1-2-3s and A-B-Cs, as they can see others clearly point to the different characters.

Toddler activity books don't leave number and letter learning to just point-and-tell, however. These books also offer multiple ways for children to interact with the numbers and letters that they see. For example, children might:

  • Trace a number or letter with their finger
  • Try to write a number or letter along a line
  • See pictures that correspond to a number or letter

Multifaceted learning like this gives children several ways to learn the basic numbers and alphabet.

Develop Responsibility

Some toddler activity books have a place for children to write their name (or for an adult to write a child's name). These books, in particular, help develop responsibility. When a toddler sees their name in a book, they'll be more apt to take ownership of the book and can learn how to responsibly take care of it.

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